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Be On The Lookout - NCIS Fandom on the Loose

NCIS BOLO--The Announcement Community for All NCIS
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All Members , Moderated
Ziva: BOLO?
Tony: Be On the Lookout.

-NCIS 3.05, Switch

Welcome to ncis_bolo, the announcement community for the NCIS fandom.

We're here for you to announce anything and everything that has to do with NCIS fandom: stories, artwork, screen caps, meta, episode discussion, ficathons, new communities, challenges, etc. Gen, het, and slash are all welcome. Announcements only, please; we're not the place to actually post the stories or discussions.

Please indicate the type of announcement in the subject of your post, i.e. "New Fic" or "Episode Discussion for 5.01". If your topic contains what can be considered spoilers for the current season of NCIS (Season 5), then please place that information behind an lj-cut with the proper warning beforehand.

(Make an lj-cut using this code: <lj-cut text=""> Place the words you want to show up for the link between the quotation marks.)

To be on the safe side, consider anything factual about the episode (plot points, characters/actors appearing in the ep, promo pics, etc.) except for the title to be a spoiler. Moderators reserve the right to delete any post that spoils the audience. You can repost once you've cut the spoilers. Happy fans thank you!

Please use your best judgement when it comes to making posts. An initial community announcement is more than enough. If you have been writing a large series of drabbles, try collecting them in one post rather than making multiple announcements that flood viewer's friendslist. We're not trying to be draconian about rules. We just want everything to go as smoothly as possible.

Additionally, you might want to check out ncis_newsletter. The folks over there work hard daily to collect the happenings in the fandom. We're here not to compete with them, but rather to supplement them.

Any questions? Your moderators are shetiger and kageygirl. Email us using our lj addresses, or drop a note on any mod post.

What are you waiting for, people? We've got your six. ;)