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No BOLO zine sat MediaWest

It appears that Carriage Hill Press will not have a new zine available for MediaWest this year, due to insufficient submissions. It had been our hope to have at least a Gibbs/Ducky issue, and possibly a Tim/Abby one, but things haven't worked out. However, we are continuing to accept works and as soon as we have enough we will publish immediately. Back issues, except for number 1, will be available at the Orphan Zine Table. (Our catalog)

Some categories we accept include:
and Gibbs/DiNozzo
however, we are always willing to take whatever you send us. Anyone who contributes a story of 2500 words or more gets a free copy of the finished product.

Submission guidelines are here:

Textual; Zombie Outbreak

Mixed Bag

- Please Comment & Credit.
- Do Not Hotlink.
- Textless icons are not bases. Please don't edit anything


8x Christina Aguilera
5x Glee
44x Katy Perry
4x Madonna
21x My Little Pony
21x NCIS
6x Nicki Minaj
98x Stargate Atlantis
20x The Olsens (Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth)

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The BOLO zines are looking for submissions

Carriage Hill Press is currently looking for stories for BOLO, which is an NCIS zine. The zine tends towards slash, although if we get enough Gen or Het stories we do an anthology of them. You can see a list of the current titles at

Currently we are most interested in:
Ducky/Jimmy and
however, we are always willing to take whatever you send us. Anyone who contributes a story of 2500 words or more gets a free copy of the finished product.

Deadline: we will publish when we have enough stories. Absolute final deadline is April 10th, but if we get enough stories we may publish an issue earlier.

Submission guidelines are here:

ducky oh the stories I could.; by astral

I just drabble in it...

If you like to write drabbles, have you checked out slashthedrabble and slashtheimage? These multifandom communities post challenges every week or so. The first community's current prompt is "First Time" and slashtheimage's prompt is a photo from Boothbay Harbor Maine, which was suggested by (what a surprise!) me. I'd really like to see more people writing drabbles for these communities - please come check them out.


NCIS/TS Fic: The Cost of Divorce 14/?

The Cost of Divorce Chapter 14

Rating: NC17
Pairing: Jim/Blair: Established relationship. Jim/Gibbs: Past Relationship. Gibbs/DiNozzo pre-slash.
Summary: An NCIS agent, a Baltimore detective, a Sentinel, a Guide, a serial killer. What more do you need?

Chapter Summary: Case details & M/M loving. :D.

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations from the TV-shows "NCIS" and "The Sentinel". NCIS is created and owned by David P. Bellisarius and CBS. The Sentinel still belongs to Paramount and Pet Fly. I'm just playing… No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Beta'd by: by Annie... Any mistakes left are mine and somewhat deliberate.

Chapter One. / Chapter Two. / Chapter Three / Chapter Four / Chapter Five / Chapter Six / Chapter Seven / Chapter Eight. / Chapter Nine. / Chapter Ten Revised / Chapter Eleven / Chapter Twelve (a) / Chapter Twelve (b) / Chapter Thirteen
MISC: Kitty Nose

NCIS Mafia RP Game of Elimination


If you love NCIS and role playing, this is for you! Come join up!! If you never played a mafia game before, don't worry! The Round Mod and I (co-mod, and participant for round one) will definitely be helping and explaining as the game goes along so that players can still have fun and be able to go on for future rounds.

Short explanation (I am not too good at these details myself so a little patience): Each round, players sign up for a character (any character, good, bad, dead, alive...). Just before the round begins, the gaming mod will send a PM to each player with their role assignment and link to their assigned chat room to discuss their targets (to kill or save).

The chat room discussions are only allowed during nighttime sessions (7pm to 7am EDT). When a decision on who they plan to target is made, they need to leave a (screened) comment to a designated post on the GameMod's (ncismafiamod or ncismafiagod) journal.

Daytime sessions begin at 7am (to 7pm EDT) and the news for that day is shared for who died and who got silenced (person who gets attacked by a bartender or caf-pow dealer and can only speak in images or gibberish). Keeping the game to the designated post, players role play with one another in attempts to try to figure out who is good and who is bad (innocents versus assassins). If you're het fans or slash fans, it does not matter. You can play out however you wish with your characters (no porn and the like unless it is a special round), the point is to have fun!

Any questions? Do not hesitate to ask? Leave a comment! All comments are screened.