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carriage_hill @ 03:59 am: The BOLO zines are looking for submissions

Carriage Hill Press is currently looking for stories for BOLO, which is an NCIS zine. The zine tends towards slash, although if we get enough Gen or Het stories we do an anthology of them. You can see a list of the current titles at http://www.carriagehillpress.com/ch_other_titles.html

Currently we are most interested in:
Ducky/Jimmy and
however, we are always willing to take whatever you send us. Anyone who contributes a story of 2500 words or more gets a free copy of the finished product.

Deadline: we will publish when we have enough stories. Absolute final deadline is April 10th, but if we get enough stories we may publish an issue earlier.

Submission guidelines are here: http://carriagehillpress.com/want_to_submit_to_a_zine

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