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meekosan @ 06:19 pm: NCIS Mafia RP Game of Elimination


If you love NCIS and role playing, this is for you! Come join up!! If you never played a mafia game before, don't worry! The Round Mod and I (co-mod, and participant for round one) will definitely be helping and explaining as the game goes along so that players can still have fun and be able to go on for future rounds.

Short explanation (I am not too good at these details myself so a little patience): Each round, players sign up for a character (any character, good, bad, dead, alive...). Just before the round begins, the gaming mod will send a PM to each player with their role assignment and link to their assigned chat room to discuss their targets (to kill or save).

The chat room discussions are only allowed during nighttime sessions (7pm to 7am EDT). When a decision on who they plan to target is made, they need to leave a (screened) comment to a designated post on the GameMod's (ncismafiamod or ncismafiagod) journal.

Daytime sessions begin at 7am (to 7pm EDT) and the news for that day is shared for who died and who got silenced (person who gets attacked by a bartender or caf-pow dealer and can only speak in images or gibberish). Keeping the game to the designated post, players role play with one another in attempts to try to figure out who is good and who is bad (innocents versus assassins). If you're het fans or slash fans, it does not matter. You can play out however you wish with your characters (no porn and the like unless it is a special round), the point is to have fun!

Any questions? Do not hesitate to ask? Leave a comment! All comments are screened.

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